Our facility houses wide-web flexographic 6 & 8 colors printing presses and state of the art converting equipment allowing us to offer you a wide range of custom flexible packaging made from various types of materials including low or high-density polyethylene, laminated combinations to produce flat or stand-up pouches with or without zipper.

In the courier industry, Co-extruded (Co-ex) polyethylene envelopes have virtually replaced cardboard products. Co-ex envelopes offer the inherent advantages of being waterproof, puncture and tear-resistant, and are very cost effective.

Our laboratory envelopes and photo-mailers provide the same rugged characteristics.

In addition to providing superior flexibility and strength, these materials can accommodate irregular-shaped items far better than their paper-based counterparts. These materials can also be graphically enhanced and provide a much more lustrous finish than paper. This process is ideal for use in retail bags, industrial bags, numbered & tamper-resistant security envelopes, or any other application where you currently use paper bags or envelopes.

Increase the exposure of your business name and identity with an attractive and durable package for your product. Let the world know who you are with our professionally designed bags, envelopes, and mailers.

Never underestimate the power of your company's image. In keeping with the latest trends in packaging, we are proud to be able to offer you the option of stand-up, zippered pouches. Whether you need 2 or 3 side seals, pouches can be made to suit your most stringent requirements for use in a variety of markets including: Snack food, Cheese, Coffee, Processed or Frozen meats, Frozen vegetables, Soup, Confectionery, Sugar, Baking ingredients, Dried fruit, Nuts, Pasta, Pet food, Pharmaceutical applications, and Lawn & Gardening materials. Provide maximum visibility for your product with stand-up pouches. Why let your competitors have the advantage? Offer your customers the convenience of resealable packages with an eye-catching design.

Ordinary packaging stores products, but GREAT PACKAGING SELLS!


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